A downloadable Old Game for Windows

OG is for Old Game. I made this game with GameMaker 6 when I was about 12 (I updated it at some point, but I was most likely 12 for this version).

Select the units you want to send out by clicking on them and defeat the enemy saucer!

TitleWild Wars- Alien Organisms
Estimated Release Date2007? (I have 9/24/2006 for a version, but I updated it. this seems to have some of the updates)
My Age at the Time12(?)
My Rating Now4.5/10
My Rating Then (Probably)9/10
EngineGameMaker 6.0

I dare you to post some of your old games, add the "og" tag, and link to them in the comments below.


Wild Wars 2-Alien Organisms.exe 2 MB

Install instructions

Download it. Windows might say you need to install a thing to make it work (I forget what it's called), because this is a really old game.

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