A downloadable Old Game for Windows

OG is for Old Game. I made this game with GameMaker 6 when I was about 12 (I updated it at some point, but I was most likely 12 for this version).

Select the units you want to send out by clicking on them and defeat the enemy saucer!

TitleWild Wars- Alien Organisms
Estimated Release Date2007? (I have 9/24/2006 for a version, but I updated it. this seems to have some of the updates)
My Age at the Time12(?)
My Rating Now4.5/10
My Rating Then (Probably)9/10
EngineGameMaker 6.0

I dare you to post some of your old games, add the "og" tag, and link to them in the comments below.

Install instructions

Download it. Windows might say you need to install a thing to make it work (I forget what it's called), because this is a really old game.


Wild Wars 2-Alien Organisms.exe 2 MB

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